Made with polyamide sheets and produced with advanced technology, Linter Reverse Osmosis Membranes are used in a wide variety of applications in purifiers for water intended for human consumption, food processing, hospital sectors, etc.

In partnership with major world manufacturers, Linter Filters has stock with varied models and sizes.


  • Does not consume large amounts of chemical products (strong acids and bases);
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio;
  • Does not interrupt production;
  • No regeneration steps;
  • High productivity;
  • High salt rejection;
  • There is generation of a tailings flow, a solution with high concentrations of salts in volumes of up to 50% of the total feed.

Main Applications

  • Seawater Desalination: Reverse Osmosis membrane can reduce sodium chloride concentration from 35000 mg/L to 350 mg/L;
  • Smart: one of the problems in agriculture is the accumulation of salts in the soil due to irrigation with water from rivers or wells, the membrane is able to remove this excess salts in an economically viable way;
  • Boiler Feeding: boilers require very pure water, as the evaporation of water causes incrustation on the surface of the tubes, reducing heat transfer, increasing fuel consumption and the risk of explosions;
  • Production of Chemicals: pharmaceutical conglomerates, hospitals and laboratories use the reverse osmosis process to guarantee maximum purity in their products;
  • hemodialysis: the membrane is used in the dialysis process ensuring a high degree of process quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Tests carried out with water at 25 °C, NaCl 200 mg/L, pH 7,5 and test pressure 225 PSI;
  • Flow can vary by ± 15%.

Usage Limits

  • Maximum pressure: 600 PSI;
  • Maximum water temperature: 45 °C;
  • Maximum SDI: 1,4 m³/h;
  • Maximum free chlorine in water: < 0,1 mg/L;
  • pH range for continuous use: 3-10;
  • pH range for chemical cleaning: 2-11;
  • Maximum pressure drop per membrane: 15 PSI.
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