In water treatment, the Crepins or Distributor Drains they play a fundamental role in the retention of resins, sands and coal in the exchange and separation vessels.

Its function is to retain solid particles, releasing the passage of water that has passed through the bed of resin, coal or sand.

LINTER FILTROS has as one of its specialties the manufacture of crepins, also called retainers or “nozzles”.

They are used in the treatment of drinking water, water treatment for low, medium and high pressure boilers. Our Crepins are manufactured according to each project, configured in different shapes, sizes and openings (slots) and made from a spiral element.


  • The filters, internally, are equipped with PVC, PP or other materials at the top and bottom;
  • They have crepins with grooves between 0,2 to 0,7 mm. We manufacture in other measures depending on the purpose;
  • We have flow test benches for crepins or assorted drains for filtration and backwashing.


conical crepine
Long Conical Crepine
Self Locking Conical Crepine
Crepina Cuca
Conical and Long Conical Crepine
sand crepina
crepine with ribs
Crepinion with or without holes
star crepine
Superior Crepins
Lower Crepins
Stainless steel crepe

Main Applications

  • Oil and Gas;
  • Food and refrigerators;
  • Paper And Cellulose;
  • Alcohol, sugar and agribusiness;
  • Machinery and equipment in general.
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