Linter Filters supplies Cationic, Anionic and Mixed Resins that are filter media that work from regeneration processes.

Ion Exchange Resins have high efficiency in retaining salts and compounds that are difficult to filter.

Widely used in industrial applications, mainly in the feeding of boilers that need to have water totally free of calcium, magnesium and silicon oxide salts.

Cationic resin

Specially developed for industrial water treatment equipment. It removes positive ions such as calcium and magnesium, replacing them with sodium ions (softening) or hydrogen ions (demineralization).

Cationic resins are capable of removing iron and manganese using the same ion exchange process.

Sold in packages of 25 kg.

anionic resin

They are synthetic resins of the phenol-formaldehyde type and the polystyrene group which have been made anionic by introducing basic amine (anionic) groups into the polymer molecule.

Strongly Basic Anionic Resin removes strong and weak anions such as chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, bicarbonates and silicates.

Sold in packages of 25 kg.

mixed resin

Specially developed for low flow water treatment equipment. Generally used in softeners and deionizers.

Removes dissolved solids and is composed of anionic and cationic resins.

Sold in packages of 25 kg.

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