Zeolites, zeolites or zeolites constitute a numerous group of minerals that have a porous structure.

It is the filter medium indicated for the removal of heavy metals present in the water. They are mainly used for the removal of ammonia, iron, manganese. Its main feature is to remove color, flavor, odor and improve the turbidity of the water.

Zeolites are mainly indicated in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and hotels. They are widely used in the purification of lakes, industrial effluents and oil refineries.

Used to reduce or eliminate iron and manganese for water for human, industrial or hospital consumption. The presence of an excessive concentration of these substances alters the taste and appearance of the water.


The efficient removal of iron and manganese eliminates the occurrence of stains on dishes and toilets. It provides greater conservation of parts, equipment and utensils, in addition to removing the metallic taste of the water.

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