Activated carbon filters are widely used in industrial applications or processes that need to attenuate odors and/or purify liquids.

Its main feature is the efficiency of adsorbing and retaining different smells, gases, liquids and other polluting agents without altering the structure of the filter element.

Granular Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon is used to filter impure solutions. Its structure contains pores on its contact surface, providing a large effective area. Pores retain particles inside.

Activated carbon adsorbs and removes impurities without interfering with its composition.

Purification consists of passing the liquid between layers of activated carbon. The impure particles of organic origin are fixed to the pores. As activated carbon has the ability to collect even gases, the water is odor free as well.

Sold in packages of 25 kg.

Granulated Activated Charcoal - Enlarged Image

Pelleted Activated Carbon

Pelletized Activated Charcoal is an activated carbon in the form of pellets, it facilitates the passage of water and improves the performance of the filter material. It has the function of removing concentrations of contaminants present in gases and liquids. It is a product that has low formation of preferential paths in the bed due to its homogeneous granulometry and mechanical resistance superior to other types of activated carbon.

Applications: Gases, solvent recovery, alcohol adsorption, pesticide and herbicide removal.

Sold in packages of 25 kg.

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