Maximize Thermal and Energy Efficiency: Discover High Temperature Linter Fine Filters!


HT Linter High Temperature Fine Filters are manufactured with a galvanized steel frame, microfiber glass filter media and aluminum separators.

The filters withstand temperatures up to 250ºC, providing a robust construction for constant airflow, uniform speed and low pressure loss (greater energy savings).

The specific seal for high temperatures is silicone-free, guaranteeing 100% tightness.

Main advantages:

✅ Long useful life;

✅ Low load loss, saving energy;

✅ Filtration Classes: M6, F7, F8 and F9 (ABNT NBR 16101:2012).

Provide cleaner and healthier environments with HT Linter High Temperature Filters!

Linter Filtros Industriais has been manufacturing filters of different filtration classes and different applications for over 28 years.

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