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Air Filters in general are classified by their filtration efficiency, which means the minimum and maximum particle retention capacity.

According to the standard NBR 16101:2012 (Brazil) and EN 779:2012, the COARSE FILTERS meet the classes that vary from G1 to G4 characterized by average gravimetric efficiency (Eg%). See below:

• G1: 50 ≤ Eg < 65;
• G2: 65 ≤ Eg < 80;
• G3: 80 ≤ Eg < 90;
• G4: 90 ≤ Eg.

In addition to the classification by efficiency, the coarse filters have different physical characteristics for each air conditioning project:

Filter Blankets;
Disposable Flat Filters;
Permanent Flat Filters (Blanket Holders);
Pleated Filters;
Multibag Filters;
Nylon Screen Filters;
Metal Filters.

Linter Filters Industriais for over 27 years manufactures filters of different filtration classes, including Coarse Filters.

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