Discover Polyester Blankets and Their Main Applications

synthetic fiber blankets, also known as Polyester Blankets are great for air filtration. They can be applied to different types of systems and for a variety of environments.

The material is composed of several layers of polyester, which are arranged homogeneously. The thickness of these layers is different and the end result can be a material with or without progressive density. It can be used in many systems and is highly versatile.

  • Painting booths in the most varied types of industry;
  • Air-conditioning system;
  • Pre-filtering for some types of filters, mainly fine filters and absolute filters;
  • Among others.

This product has other advantages, providing great value for money:

  • Longer useful life, as there is a full use of the filter;
  • Increased ability to retain dust and other particles;
  • Easy adaptation to the most varied systems.

Below are the main models of Linter Filters Polyester Blankets and their characteristics:

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