Os Flat Panels Linter Filters are used in air insufflation and exhaust systems in environments that require large flows and efficiency in air filtration.

The filter fitting and fixing system is done through pressure springs at four points, providing perfect sealing.

Applied Filters: Disposable Filters, Metal Washable Filters, Flat Fine Filters, Multi-purse filters, Among others.



Filtering Stages
They allow the installation of 1 stage (Single filtration) or 2 stages of filtration (Double filtration).

Flat panels are mounted on standard frames or modular frames 610 x 610 mm from 1×1 to 10×5 arrangement. For larger modulations we supply the bi or tripartite panel, facilitating assembly and transport.

The filters used must meet thicknesses of 25 and 50 mm.

They are made of galvanized carbon steel sheet or stainless steel and have excellent mechanical resistance.

Technical Specifications

Special arrangements, consult our technical/commercial department.

Technical drawing

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