As CQF Filter Boxes Linter Filters are designed for installation of filters fixed in standard frames through four-point pressure springs that provide perfect watertightness.

They are indicated for installations in ducts and have a watertight inspection door, with hinges and quick locks that facilitate maintenance.


Filtering Stages
Allows the installation of 1 stage (Single filtration) or 2 stages of filtration (Double filtration). Possibility of using pre-filters, medium filters and fine filters.

Manufactured in modular form with arrangements from 1×1 to 5×5. We have flat and wedge versions with a wide variety of sizes and flow capacity.

They are made of galvanized carbon steel sheet or stainless steel.

Option: Electrostatic epoxy powder coating.

The use of a differential pressure gauge in a “U” column is recommended to monitor the saturation and useful life of the filters used.

Technical Specifications

Special arrangements, consult our technical/commercial department.

Technical drawing

CQF Linter Filters Box Dimensions
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