As Compact Filtration and Ventilation Units UCFV Linter Filters are manufactured with the aim of using absolute HEPA filters and reducing contaminants present in the air in different environments. They are applied in external air supply, ambient air exhaust or air recirculation.

The UCFV models are designed to guarantee perfect tightness in the housing / filter assembly with low noise and easy maintenance when changing filters.

The UCFV boxes have a rubber sealing system, a pressure tapping point, two access doors (ventilation module and absolute filtration module) and a lifting eye*


Filtering Stages
They have two stages of filtration with pre-filter in pleated synthetic blanket – class G4 (ABNT 16101: 2012) and absolute filter H14 (EN 1822), model CRS (CRS-H14 / CRS-HF-H14) ou N (M4H14).

For standard dimensions, check the technical specifications.
For other dimensions and flow rates, consult our technical / commercial department (We develop special projects according to the application).

The boxes have a carbon steel plate structure and are painted in white epoxy.

Lifting eye.

Technical Specifications - UCFV

* For other voltages, please consult our technical department.

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Business Operation

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Technical drawing
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