Used to measure the static pressure difference of the filters, with a scale that varies from 0 to 100 mmca. The indicated pressure is shown by the difference in height as a function of fluid movement at the ends of the “U” shaped tube.

This equipment is a primary standard, as the difference in height between the two branches is always a real idea of ​​the pressure, regardless of variations in the internal diameter of the tubes – Capillary effect.

A Linter Filters supplies kits that accompany pressure gauge, hose, calibration liquid and connections:

Working principle

The indicated pressure is shown by the height difference as a function of the fluid movement in the two branches and read through a graduated scale. Its numerical value is equal to the readings above and below the midpoint (scale zero).


  • Positive Pressure Measurement: greater than atmospheric pressure;
  • Negative Pressure or Vacuum Measurement: less than atmospheric pressure;
  • Differential Pressure Measurement: equals the difference between two pressures applied simultaneously.

Download the 'U' Column Manometer data sheet.

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