DIGITAL SEQUENCER SDL-350 LINTER FILTERS is a controller for bag filter systems that allows the triggering of the cleaning pulse in a simple way.

It has digital adjustment of pulse times, number of channels, cycle interval and post-stop cleaning cycles. Digital elapsed time indicator and monitoring output. With thyristorized outputs, it has a long service life.

SOLENOID VALVE LINTER FILTERS It is specially developed for applications in dust collector bag filters, in storage silos, warehouses, among others.

They have an extremely fast opening/closing system, generating an efficient and economical operation. The body was designed with holes that allow a great flow. High quality membranes provide high tear strength and ensure a long service life.

Standard Table - Accessories for Air Filtration Linetr Filters

Designed for installation of filters in panels or air filtering boxes, they are manufactured with or without seals and have springs arranged diagonally for fixing the filters.

U-Column Manometer - Accessories for Air Filtration Linetr Filters

The pressure gauges measure the static pressure difference of the filters, with a scale that varies from 0 to 100 mmca. The indicated pressure is shown by the difference in height as a function of fluid movement at the ends of the “U” shaped tube.

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