Discover the Benefits of Polyester Linter Filter Cartridges


Polyester filter cartridges are essential for dust removal systems, exhaust systems, blasting machines, electrostatic painting booths, among other industrial filtration processes.

Linter Filtros manufactures these filters in different sizes, pleats and polyester weights. When fixing, the customer has the option, at the top, of using sealing rubber, lugs or conical shaped cartridges with Edison thread.

Main characteristics of Polyester Cartridge Filters:

  • Enhanced Filtration: Pleated structure for greater efficiency and airflow.
  • Exceptional durability: Long service life, and can be manufactured in Polyester, Aluminized Polyester, Hybrid (mixture with cellulose fibers and polyester – 80/20), Spunbond Polyester, Antistatic Spunbond and Repellent Spunbond with PTFE.
  • Customized options: Various dimensions, lids and seals.
  • Low initial pressure loss and low replacement cost.

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