Clean Air, Maximum Efficiency: Discover the Benefits of LINTER Multibag Filters


Linter Filtros produces bag filters, known as Multibolsa, for industrial air treatment.

These filters, applied in various industrial sectors, stand out in places with high air volume and flow, associated with high concentrations of particulates.

Thanks to the innovative bag system, where the structure is 15 times larger than the face area itself, these filters work with exceptional effectiveness. They capture significant amounts of particulates, vastly surpassing the capacity of other filters for the same flow volume.

The Main Applications are in:

➡️ Ventilation, exhaust and external air intake systems.

➡️ Air conditioning systems – HVAC.

➡️ Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, Painting Booths.

➡️ Environments with a high concentration of suspended particulates (Petrochemical, Steel, Transformation Industry).


Linter Filtros Industriais has been manufacturing filters of different filtration classes for over 28 years.

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