Pleated Card

Filter Media
Double layer of 250 g/m² perforated kraft paper, 100% cellulose.

Os Pleated Card Filters, also known as filters for Paint Booths, are based on inertial separation. This concept causes the flow of charged air to change direction several times, with the densest particles being retained on the walls while the flow of “clean” air exits through the side holes.


  • Fits in all types of spray booths;
  • Ecologically correct disposal;
  • Easy and fast installation and maintenance;
  • Reduces energy consumption;
  • Dispenses with effluent treatment;
  • No risk of electrostatic fire.

Main Applications

  • Furniture industry;
  • Metallurgical industry;
  • Plastics industry;
  • Auto Industry;
  • Industry in general.

Technical Specifications

⁽¹⁾ Depends on ink density.

⁽²⁾ Depends on the product applied.

Download the Pleated Card Filters data sheet.

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