O Blanket Holder Filter (Filter Holder) Linter Filters consists of galvanized steel frame permanent bases and a support screen at the air outlet (We have stainless steel or aluminum options, on request). They are indicated for air filtration and replace the disposable filters boxed with a cardboard frame, ensuring savings and operating costs of maintenance and disposal, since the filter element is only changed after its saturation.

PM Blanket Filter

Filter Media
The most suitable filter elements, depending on the application, are fiberglass mats or synthetic polyester mats.

Filtration Classification (Regarding filter elements)

  • Fiberglass Blankets
    ABNT 16101: 2012 - G3
    ASHRAE 52.2 – MERV5 / MERV6
  • Polyester synthetic blankets
    ABNT 16101: 2012 – G2 / G3 / G4 / M5
    ASHRAE 52.2 – MERV2 / MERV3 / MERV4 / MERV5 / MERV6 / MERV7 / MERV8 / MERV9 / MERV10


  • Only the filter element is replaced, reducing waste generation;
  • Permanent structure, lower maintenance cost;
  • Greater mechanical resistance compared to disposable filters.

Main Applications

  • Central Air Conditioning – HVAC;
  • Ventilation and exhaust systems;
  • Pre-filtering for fine and absolute filters;
  • painting booths;
  • Air inlet from electric motors.

Standard Dimensions
Available thicknesses: 25 to 50 mm.
special measures, consult our technical/commercial department.

Download the PM Blanket Filters data sheet.

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