Os High Performance Pleated Filters for Data Centers and other Filtration Systems, models SY-PL Linter Filters are indicated where there is a need for high air filtration in a small physical space, as they have an extended filtering surface.
They are made of synthetic material, pleated and structured to give stability to the filter medium, which guarantees high retention capacity with low pressure drop.


Filter Media
Pleated synthetic fiber blanket, free
of metal.

Filtration Classification

  • NBR 16101 - M5 and M6
  • NBR ISO16890 – ISO ePM10 50%; ISO ePM10 60%; ISO ePM10 85%

Advertising frame

SY-PL: Cardboard frame

Main Applications

  • Filtration of external air in ventilation systems;
  • High Performance air filtration in data centers and telecommunications equipment;
  • Pre-filtering for fine and absolute filters;
  • Applications that need coarse particulate protection;
  • Used in filter panels and ventilation boxes.

Technical Specifications

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