Os Disposable Flat Filters Linter Filters, model FGP, are manufactured with a cardboard frame and printed cardboard screen or perforated screen to support the filter element at the inlet and outlet, which guarantees greater resistance and dimensional stability.



Filter Media

Filter element in synthetic blanket with polyester fibers, non-toxic and high dust retention capacity.

Filtration Classification (Regarding filter elements)

  • ABNT 16101: 2012 – G3 / G4
  • ASHRAE 52.2 - MERV5 / MERV6 / MERV7 / MERV8 / MERV9


  • High capacity in coarse particulate retention;
  • They are manufactured in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Main Applications

  • Filtration of external air in ventilation systems;
  • Pre-filtration for fine filters in air conditioning systems;
  • Air filtration in data centers and telecommunications equipment;
  • Pre-filtration for absolute filters in laminar flow equipment;
  • Applications that need coarse particulate protection.

Technical Specifications

⁽¹⁾ Speed: 2,5 m/s

⁽¹⁾ Relative humidity: 60%

* Class G3 - LxHxP


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