They are manufactured in successive layers of fibers in POLYESTER with varying thicknesses and evenly distributed.

Filter Mats in Fiberglass Linter Filters FGV

The progressive density of the glass fibers gradually retains the particles, ensuring low pressure drop and greater durability.

These are disposable filters, manufactured with a cardboard frame and printed cardboard screen or perforated screen to support the filter element, which guarantees greater resistance and dimensional stability.

Filters for Paint Booths

They are indicated where there is a need for large air flows and little physical space as they have an extended filtering surface and with large concentrations of particles from the combustion and burning of fuels, among other particulates.
They are made of perfectly creased and structured cardboard to give stability to the filter medium that guarantees high retention capacity combined with low pressure drop.

Filters for Paint Booths
Multibolsa Linter Filters

They have a high accumulation capacity due to the large effective filtering area. They are recommended for high air flow rates, combined with a high concentration of particulates.
The filter media support frame is made of galvanized steel sheet, aluminum or stainless steel and has an exclusive pressing system in the frame, ensuring its watertightness and the full use of the filter media.

Filters for Paint Booths
Pleated Cardboard Filter for Paint Booths Linter Filters

Pleated Card Filters are based on inertial separation. This concept causes the flow of charged air to change direction several times, with the denser particles being retained on the walls while the flow of “clean” air exits through the side holes.

Filters for Paint Booths

Cartridge Filters for Powder Coating Booths. Powder spray booths use filters Cartridges with 100% polyester filter media, 100% white polyester with teflon coating, 100% aluminized polyester (antistatic) or a mixture of 80% cellulose and 20% polyester.

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