O DIGITAL SEQUENCER SDL-350 LINTER FILTERS is a controller for bag filter systems that allows the triggering of the cleaning pulse in a simple way.

It has digital adjustment of pulse times, number of channels, cycle interval and post-stop cleaning cycles. Digital elapsed time indicator and monitoring output. With thyristorized outputs, it has a long service life.


Our sleeves are manufactured in:

  • Power supply: 110Vac / 220Vac +/- 10% or 24Vdc +/- 10%;
  • Number of channels: 21 to 30;
  • Output voltage: selectable (110/220Vac – depending on power supply or 24Vdc);
  • Output current: 1,5 A max;
  • Interval between pulse: 0 to 60s;
  • Pulse time: 0,1 to 3,0s;
  • Number of post-stop cycles: 0 to 5 complete cycles;
  • Visualization: LED display (7 segments red or green);
  • Standard settings: Digital by keys;
  • Operating temperature: -5ºC to 65ºC;
  • Maximum operating humidity: 90% RH (non-condensing);
  • Fixation: by aluminum support (includes the product);
  • Protection degree: IP64 (Ip65 checked before drilling);
  • Plastic case: ABS with acrylic cover.
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