Constructed with ''U''-shaped glass tube with a rigorously calibrated internal hole, with a wall thickness of 2mm, aluminum base with glass protection tabs and support for fixing, the LINTER FILTER COLUMN MANOMETERS are intended for measuring vacuum or positive pressure and differential pressure for gauging and calibrating low pressure instruments.


  • U-Column Pressure Gauges have glass tube fixed to nylon-TECHNIL heads, 1/8'' BSP connection or optionally hose coupling adapters;
  • Its accuracy is related to the ambient temperature because the density of the indication fluid varies with the temperature at a rate of 0,2% for every 10 ºC in the environment;
  • Low acquisition cost and maintenance free, allowing measurements with high accuracy.

Technical characteristics

  • Protection Base: Aluminum channel;
  • Head: Nylon-Technil (option: stainless steel or Teflon);
  • Indicator Tube: ''U'' of calibrated glass;
  • My Account: Inlet and outlet, 1/8'' BSP thread;
  • Scale: Aluminum plate, white background, black characters, zero adjustment (center knob);
  • static pressure:10 kgf/cm²;
  • Assembly: Surface, panel, tripod;
  • Precision: ±0,5% of full scale;
  • Accessories: nozzle, hose, faucet and tripod.


  • Checking for leaks;
  • Determines the airflow velocity;
  • Level measurement of stored liquids;
  • Positive pressures (greater than atmospheric pressure);
  • Negative pressures (vacuum) – less than atmospheric pressure.
  • Differential pressure (difference between two simultaneous pressures).
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