This Policy applies to all individuals or legal entities that provide their personal data to LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, clarifies how your personal data is collected, used and shared, and how to exercise your rights regarding them.

We inform you that this policy may be changed periodically, as informed at the end of the document, and that its content is essential for you to understand how we collect, store and treat your data.


Personal data are all information that concerns someone, whether this person is a natural or legal person, and we can use as an example the name, CPF registration, email address, among others.

Some data is termed as sensitive data that are limited to racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to You and that such data deserve even more caution and zeal in the treatment by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS.

There is also the figure of anonymized data, which is related to a data subject that cannot be identified.

It is also important to know that all the information collected will integrate the LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS database, which is a structured set of personal data, established in one or several places, in electronic or physical support.

Treatment of pessoais dice means any operation, such as the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction, carried out with personal data.

LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS, in this relationship established with you by virtue of the processing of data, is called the Controller, which can be a natural or legal person, of public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data;

And to facilitate your communication with LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS when it comes to the treatment given to your data, we have chosen the dpo@linterfiltros.com.br, which is occupied by DPO (Data Protection Office) or Person in Charge, who is the person appointed by the controller to act as a communication channel between the controller, the data subjects and the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).


LINTER INDUSTRIAL FILTERS website – Customer-facing website, managed by or for LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, including websites operated under their own domain (URLs) and commercial pages maintained on third-party social networks.

Mobile Apps LINTER INDUSTRIAL FILTERS. Consumer-facing mobile applications managed by or for LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS.

Email, text messages and other electronic messages. Interactions that LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS carries out with its customers, partners and suppliers.

Interactions with ads. Interactions with advertisements or materials published on electronic information portals.

Data from other sources. Facebook, Google, Instagram and others, promotional partners of LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, data that have become public, in addition to others, always with your consent.


personal contact information. They include any information provided by You that will allow us to contact You, such as your full name, social security number, date of birth, sexual orientation, email, social media details, telephone number, etc.

demographic information. Any information that describes your demographics or behavioral characteristics, such as age or age group and geographic location.

Purchase or quote information: information that allows LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS to understand your purchase profile, dates of greatest demand for products, and the LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS products that can best meet your needs.

Technical information about the computer/mobile device. Any information about the computer system or other device used to access our website or application, such as IP address, operating system type and web browser type and version, including if you use a mobile device such as a smartphone , the information collected will also include your phone's unique device ID, advertising ID, geographic location and other similar mobile device data, always with your consent.

Website usage/communication information. Automatic data collection technology about certain information about your actions during your navigation used by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS, (links, pages or content viewed, information and similar statistics about interactions, etc.) are captured through automated technologies (Cookies). among others).

Customer experience feedback. Information shared with LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS about your experience at our units, such as complaints, satisfaction surveys and requests for improvement.

Consumer generated content. Information generated and shared by our customers and/or suppliers on third-party social networks or through postings on one of our websites or apps, including the use of third-party social media apps such as Facebook (photos, videos or other content and similar media).

Third-party social media information. Any information that You share publicly on a third-party social network or information that forms part of Your profile on a third-party social network (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Financial and payment information. Information that LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS handles to fulfill and bill an order, payment methods (if available). In any case, LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS fully complies with the parameters established by the General Data Protection Law.

Information about events and participants: We record the meeting and event specifications, the event date, the number of attendees. For corporate events, we ask for information about your organization, usually by email or messaging app such as WhatsApp, such as: data from the organizing company, data from third-party providers will also be collected.

Telephone contact with LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS: Telephone calls for quotes or services may be recorded and used to fill in the data necessary for confirmation.

Sensitive personal data. LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS will not request any data other than those essential for invoicing the budget or order, therefore the sensitive data defined by law should not be provided to any employee of LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS.


LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS will collect and store the data at the time of your quote or purchase to enter our records and allow service or billing, ensuring the beginning of your legal relationship with LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, preserving your right to contract and ensuring that the Commercial conditions will be respected to make your experience unforgettable.

The processing of personal data will be carried out by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS in strict respect for your privacy. We reaffirm our dedication to implementing compliance measures, especially to ensure:

  1. Lawful treatment, supported by a legal basis, legitimate interest or consent;
  2. That not even a data that is beyond the purpose for which the data was made available will be processed;
  3. Limitation on data storage, according to defined archiving deadlines;
  4. Collecting as little data as possible, requesting only those suitable for the purpose;
  5. The implementation of measures for the security and confidentiality of information.

It is important that you know that the processing of this data after the period of 60 (sixty) days can be discontinued by means of your communication to the DPO, or, if you prefer, this deletion can take place at any time even before these 60 (sixty) days by means of your communication to the same DPO.

Your data collected by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS will only be used for:

  • Analyze your preferences and habits;
  • Anticipate your product purchase needs by analyzing your purchase profile;
  • Improve and personalize your experience on our websites and apps;
  • Send advertising solely about our products and services;
  • Allow your participation in interactive functions, when you choose to do so.

Although the processing of data is entirely aimed at your satisfaction when talking to LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, your consent is essential to authorize this use within the limits presented to you.

Legal reasons or merger/acquisition. In the event of a merger or acquisition of LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS by another Company, your Personal Data will be shared with the acquirer under the terms of this privacy policy.

  • When required by applicable law;
  • When requested by the police authority;
  • When requested by the judicial authority;
  • As a necessary procedure to protect our rights, privacy, security or property.

General Purposes. LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS uses your personal data for other general business purposes, such as maintaining your account, conducting internal or market research and measuring the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. We reserve the right, if you have LINTER FILTERS INDUSTRIAL accounts, to compile these accounts into a single account. We also use your personal data for the management and operation of our communications, IT and security systems.


Cookie is a small file added to your device or computer by websites you visit, are used for better website functionality, for a personalized consumer experience and to provide information to website owners.

Session Cookies. These are temporary cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser. When you restart your browser and return to the website that created the cookie, that website treats you as a new visitor.

Example: performance cookie – They help us understand how visitors interact with our website by providing information about areas visited, time spent and any issues encountered, such as message errors. This helps us to improve the performance of our websites.

Persistent Cookies. These are Cookies that remain in your browser until you manually delete them or until your browser deletes them according to the duration period established by the Cookie. These Cookies will recognize your return as a visitor.

Cookies Required. Cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of a LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS website. They allow You to browse the site and use our features. It is not possible to oppose this treatment or disable these Cookies.

Cookies that send us information about you. These are Cookies placed by Us on a LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS website and can only be read by that website. These are known as “first party” cookies.

We also place Cookies in LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS advertisements that are displayed on third-party websites (such as Facebook). We obtain information through these Cookies when You click or interact with the advertisement. In this situation, LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS is placing a “third party” cookie. LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS may use the information obtained by these Cookies to send you other advertisements that are relevant or of interest to you based on your previous online behavior.

Cookies that send information to other companies: are Cookies placed on a LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAL website by our partner companies (such as Facebook or other advertisers). They may use the data collected by these Cookies to anonymously send you targeted advertisements from other websites based on your visit to the LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS website. For example, if You use a social widget, such as Facebook, on a LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS website, it will record your “share” or “like”. Facebook (being the company that placed the Cookie) will collect your data.

Example: Social Sharing Cookie – Social sharing offered on the website is performed by third parties. These third parties may place Cookies on Your computer when You use social sharing features on the website, or if You have already logged into them. These Cookies help to improve your experience on the Site by allowing You to share comments / ratings / pages / bookmarks and help to give you access to social networks and online social tools more easily..

Other similar technologies. LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS websites also use other tracking technologies, including IP addresses, log files and web beacons, which also help us adapt Our websites to your needs.

IP address. An IP Address is a number used by computers on the network to identify your computer every time you connect to the internet. We may log IP Addresses for the following purposes: (i) technical troubleshoot issues (problems that a product, process or operating system may experience); (ii) maintaining the protection and security of the website; (iii) better understanding of how Our Sites are used; and (iv) content best suited to your needs, depending on the country you are in.

Registry Files. We (or a third party on our behalf) may collect information in the form of Log Files that store website activities and collect statistics about user browsing habits. In general, these logs are generated anonymously and help us collect (i) the user's browser type and system; (ii) information about the user's session (such as your originating URL, the date, time and which pages the user visited on Our website and how long they stayed there); and, (iii) other browsing or click count data.

web beacons. We use Web Beacons (or clear GIFs) on LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS websites. Web beacons (also known as “web bugs”) are small sequences of code that allow the delivery of a graphic image on a web page for the purpose of transferring data back to Us. We use information from web beacons for a variety of purposes, including information about how a user responds to email campaigns (for example, what time the email is opened, what link the user makes from the -mail), website traffic reports, unique visitor counts, ad auditing and reporting, and email and personalization.

management of your Cookies/preferences. You can manage and disable Cookies in your browser settings. You can even configure your browser to warn you before accepting Cookies or simply refuse them. But remember, some of them are necessary to be able to use our websites. You do not need Cookies to use or browse most LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAL websites, although you will likely not be able to access all of their features in this case. See in the “help” button of your browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox) how you can manage this. If you use different computers in different locations, you will need to ensure that each browser is set to your Cookie preferences.


Service providers: These are companies used in any of the stages of the acquisition of LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAL products, and any and all data processing is done with a specific destination related to hosting and related topics.

Debt collection agencies: External companies that LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS uses to charge for services provided and not paid in their time and manner.

Law Firms: They are professionals hired to adopt the necessary legal measures to protect the interests and rights of LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS.

Technology Companies: Contracted to provide maintenance, update and software deployment services.


LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS will store your data for the period provided for in Law 13.709/18, and always with your consent and solely for the purpose provided for in this Privacy Policy.


Access, review, find out if we have processed your personal data and request an electronic copy of the information we have about you;

Correct or request correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;

Request anonymisation, blocking or deletion of unnecessary and excessive personal data;

Request the portability of personal data to another provider of similar products or services;

Request the deletion of personal data collected and used based on your consent;

Obtain information about the public or private entities with which we share your personal data;

When the processing activity requires your consent, You may refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you of the consequences of not carrying out such activity;

When the processing activity requires your consent, you can withdraw it at any time.


People who can access your personal data. Personal data will be processed by operators with specific purpose and purposes related to the acquisition of products.

Measures adopted in operational environments. The data is stored in operational environments with reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, and with the adoption of protection protocols within the security limits provided for the transit of data over the Internet.

Security measures require constant review and updating in light of available technological advances.


Cookies/similar technologies. You can manage your consent through your browser settings.

Advertising, marketing and promotions. You may consent for your personal data to be used by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS to promote its products, and at any time this consent may be revoked by means of communication to LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS through your DPO.

Personalization (offline and online): You can consent to your personal data is used by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS to provide you with a personalized experience or exclusive advertising and content, and at any time this consent may be revoked by means of communication to LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS through its DPO.

targeted advertising. You will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits provided by our partners who will use information collected through the personal data collection channels used by LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS, and at any time this consent may be revoked by means of communication to LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS through your DPO.


As legitimate data subjects, customers enjoy the following rights:

Right of access and confirmation of treatment: the data subject can request information reports about your data, as well as confirmation of what data is processed, how it is done and with which agents it is shared. This can be done at any time and free of charge.

Right to anonymisation, blocking or revocation: some circumstances allow data to be corrected, updated, anonymized, deleted or processing stopped. When requested by you for some of these options, LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS will check and inform you about the possibility of complying with the request, given the withholding obligations, through legal obligation or legitimate interest.

Right to Correction: whenever you consider that the data provided by you are incomplete and/or incorrect, you may at any time request its completion or rectification.

Right to portability: Upon express request, you may ask LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS to transfer your personal data to another provider in the same segment.

Right to restriction: You may ask the person responsible for processing your data to grant them restricted access or to reserve the processing activities for those who necessarily make use of them for the processing stages assigned to them.

Right to Opposition: You may object to the processing of your data, whenever it is carried out and intended for purposes other than what it is intended for, whenever they are contrary to the rules of compliance and/or for a particular reason.

Right to withdraw consent: You may revoke consent to data processing at any time. LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRIAIS will stop processing the data if you withdraw your consent, unless there is any legal, regulatory or public interest obligation that justifies non-deletion and continuity of treatment.

The rights expressed herein will be exercised in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709) and must be requested from LINTER FILTROS INDUSTRAIS via email dpo@linterfiltros.com.br.


It is possible that changes and updates to this policy may be made to improve its understanding and comprehensiveness, therefore it is recommended that You visit frequently.


To ask questions or comments about this Policy and our privacy practices, or to file a complaint, please contact us at dpo@linterfiltros.com.br, by phone (11) 5643-4477, or at our address, R. Missionários, 244 – Jardim Caravelas, São Paulo – SP, 04729-000.

In order for the processing of personal data to be carried out correctly, any and all information will only be granted with the authorization of the Holder, proven through a copy of a personal document.

Responsible for preparing the Privacy Policy
Bruno Yepes Pereira - OAB/SP 123.839

Person in Charge (DPO)
Genivaldo Oliveira dos Santos
Email: dpo@linterfiltros.com.br

Controller Representative
Mitsue Goya – President Director